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About Us

I.S Construction is a family business for the families. We are dedicated to helping you through the process of making your vision a reality. We are located in Easley SC, and have 15 years of experience. 
We do residential and commercial new construction and remodeling, and provide services to the South Carolina Upstate.

Our Services

At I.S. General Constructions, we turn dreams into reality. Whether it's a home renovation or a commercial project, we offer comprehensive construction services. From remodels to new construction, our expert team pays attention to every detail. Trust us to create functional and beautiful spaces that reflect your vision!


At our company, we understand that building a home is more than simply erecting structures; it is the materialization of dreams and the creation of homes filled with stories to come. For building families looking to turn their visions into reality, we are your trusted partner.


With vast experience in the construction industry, we offer comprehensive, customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. From architectural design to the selection of high-quality materials and expert project management, we are committed to making every build a rewarding experience.


Together, we can build the home of your dreams, where every detail reflects the essence of your family and the future you wish to build. Welcome to our world of construction, where quality and dedication are our signature.


Vast Experience

We have over

15 years of experience 

on the market.


Tomás Iglesias

CEO founder


Chely Santos

Designer and Executive Administrator.


Our team is not only qualified but also betted by background checks. 

His passion for restoring homes goes beyond nails and wood. 

The satisfaction of being able to leave a habitable place for families is what drives him to go the extra mile. Tomás is not just an ordinary boss, he is a leader who leads by example. 

From answering phone calls, to designing kitchens, bathrooms or entire houses; Chely's motivation is to help families realize their vision while staying within the client's budget. An important key to making Chely's job easier and more effective, is honest communication. Chely’s creativity is unique and is at the service of her clients.


Have a Large Projetc?

Call us right now!


Sustainable & Accountable

We are aware and responsible for the needs of the client and the environment.

Recently, we trusted I.S Construction with the remodeling of our bathroom. The bathroom was over 20 years old and hadn't been updated since then. They did a fantastic job and maintained good communication with us every step of the way. Chely had great design advice, and Tomas and his team brought it together and made it a reality. The tiles are beautiful, and I love my new freestanding bathtub and stylish vanity. I'm sharing a few photos from my phone so you can see!

Andrea Banfield

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